Open Letter to the U.S. Presidential Candidates

To both Democrat Candidates and Republican candidates
On the Road to the white house:2008

Hear the Independent Voice of Iranian People
Independent from the Islamic Republic
Independent From the U.S. Agents

After 28 years of Crime against true Nationalist Iranians, U.S. Islamic Republic agents are looking forward to “ negotiate” in order to continue their illegitimate conquer against Iran and the People of Iran.

As a 38 year old Iranian in exile, who has NO VOICE and NO RIGHT under Islamic Republic, I am asking for establishment of International Criminal Tribunal on Islamic Republic murders of 28 years and the lobbyist of this regime all around the world and most important in the United States of the America.

Islamic Republic has just one Face and one attitude: the brutal thirst for power. The fake face of “Islamic Reformists: Eslah Talabee Islami” is a trap for the outside world .A trap used by lobbyist for the last 28 years. These so-called Reformists are NOT my voice and there is the gap of false and truth, fake and real between these agents and the People of Iran.

Why Garry Sick: who was the head of “Gulf Project” in the Columbia University has to be the counselor on Human Rights Watch for Middle East at the same time?

Why both President Clinton and President Bush accepted Khatami as their Guest and agent to be honored?

Why President Clinton appointed Namazi khah as his special representative to Argentina?

Why and how can Michael Ledeen and Richard Perl bring out their puppet from Islamic Republic and introduce him to the U.S. Congress as the Youth Leader for Iran?

Why the White House will invite the fake called Iranian “political” Groups to the White house and You can’t even find a single independent Voice of Iranian People among them?

Why “ Alavi foundation” and “ Iman Foundation” are still active in New York and Los Angeles and No one is tracking down the monetary exchanges of these Islamic called Foundations?

Why the notorious characters such as “Ibrahim Yazdi” are the agents of the U.S.A in Islamic Republic Regime?

While you are talking on lobbyist take over of the U.S. Senate, why you are not telling the People how Islamic Republic agents have spent dollars on the previous Presidential Candidates?

Where is the Voice of Independent Iranians in the U.S.A. Senate?

What happened to “ Iran gate” agents?

Why and how “kent” has its best market in Islamic Republic. The richest U.S. senator and his close connection to American British Tobaco is a hidden fact?

For almost 3 decades United States of America has RECOGNIZED Islamic republic regime, based on signing the Algerian Arbitration treaty. The dispute was just over the “Freeze funds” of Iran in the U.S.; this money belonged to the Iranian People not to Islamic Republic or to the dual citizen’s of Iran and America.

Months before regime change in Iran, Hoshang Ansari, Khayyami and the rest were investing their “taken money” in the U.S. and England markets. Immigration is the safety net for these high priced money holders. Just look around and find who are among the lobbyist of Islamic Republic in the Free world.

U.S. department of state has issued the fund for Democracy in Iran .The result was to promote Islamic Republic agents in the U.S. Just have a look to these names: Akbar Ganji, Mohsen Sazgara, Abbas Milani, Fatemeh Haghighatjoo, Akbar Abdi, Afshari,

Stop recognition of a terrorist regime, and stop the expanded arms of money thirst lobbyists.

As an Iranian, no Islamic Republic, nor Mr. Ledeen and Perl, no Ganji and Sazgara, nor National Iranian American Council, no Garry Sick and Yazdi, nor the lobbyist’s Nobel peace prizewinner, is my voice and Never will be.

The Century has changed and this is up to my generation to say NO to all the thieves of Iranian People Rights.

January 12, 2008

Sayeh Saeedi (Sirjani)

Daughter of Late Ali Akbar Saidi Sirjani, the famous Iranian Scholar and author, who was murdered by Islamic Republic in 1994.